Quick Letter

Hi Mom, 

Hoping you read this. I’m up super early on a Saturday to go to the cemetery. I’m wondering if your headstone was installed and if it was I need to contact the office and rip that guy a new butthole for telling me he’d call me when it was installed. We paid good money for it, I think I deserve a call. Even if it’s not installed it will be worth the trip. I feel like I need to talk to you. Your grave is so close to the back of houses and a few stores, I feel silly talking to you or crying. But I’ll still do it. Anyway, I’m writing because I don’t want you to pull any funny business when I’m there this time. I have to bring the dogs and of course I’ll leave them in the car but if you make Jerry bark again I will freak out. I’m sure you laugh, which makes it kind of worth it…but I’m already an emotional wreck when I go there.

Also, as I was weeding my garden yesterday I thought of you because of how much you loved pulling weeds. I definitely did NOT inherit that  trait from you but I’m hoping maybe you could watch over my garden? It’s pretty big this year. I would have had you over to help weed it. We would listen to music, drink beer, and laugh A LOT. I pulled a lot yesterday but I need to do more today when I get home. Once I do that maybe you could work a little magic and prevent some weeds from coming up? Hahahahahaha I love you. I know I’m being silly. 

I love you. 


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